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Gift Shop


After a mouth-watering sampling of local fruit during our Working Plantation Estate Tour, your appetite is not sated until you secure your private stock of our food products. In our gingerbread cottage styled gift shop, you will find several items produced right on the property, including coconut candy, cocoa stick, and coffee. Or, you can spice up your kitchen and bar with our internationally-renowned Baron’s pepper sauce and banana ketchup, a Lucian rum or some of our local herbs and seasonings.

We also carry a variety of local soaps and creams used in differing skin and facial treatments; some of which are produced by the Soufriere Factory from copra dried in the Morne Coubaril oven. Choose between our sulphur-based cleansers or a skin softener made of cocoa-butter, coffee or vanilla.

Otherwise, I am sure you will find the right souvenir of your visit from our attractive assortment of local handicraft, original hand-painted T-shirts, art prints, cushion covers and even jewellery. For zip liners, please ask for our selection of Piton Zip memorabilia.