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Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 5-12

Fun- filled guided tour and hike to the Sapphire Falls

Nature lovers, come experience a fun- filled guided tour and hike to the Sapphire Falls, soak and unwind in the naturally heated mineral pools coming directly from the famous Sulphur Springs

Follow the steep winding nature trail beneath a lush jungle canopy down to Sapphire Falls, which amazes visitors with more than 35 meters of free – falling mineral spring waters. It takes 45 minutes along the trail to get to the falls.

From the start of the trail you will wander along pathway of breathtaking landscape, tropical plants and birds, including St. Lucia’s National bird (Amazona versicolor) which is endemic to the island, while listening to the sounds of paradise at its purest. You will also find three waterfalls and naturally heated pools which make for extreme relaxation.

The rich minerals in the water staining the rocks face over the years, have made Sapphire Falls a vibrant and impressive sight and quite possibly the most spectacular waterfall, on the island. (The free fall of the water, the forested and the exquisiteness of it against a lush backdrop, with water appearing as if from nowhere, makes it all the more impressive). The hills and rainforest region provides plenty of those majestic and intriguing scenes, often HIDDEN away, enticing you to follow the sound of running water until it comes into view.

Sapphire Waterfalls volcanic environment in particular, provides warm flowing streams and idle settings for warm high mineral natural baths with rejuvenating qualities. One can’t help but relax and soak it all in. The amazing colors of the minerals stained rock face makes for excellent photography and you can also swim in.