Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia is located in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean, between Martinique, St. Vincent and Barbados. Known affectionately as the Helen of the West due to her outstanding natural beauty, Saint Lucia was fought over by the British and the French, and changed hands no fewer than fourteen times before finally becoming independent in 1979. Saint Lucia is a relatively small island yet boasts numerous white sand beaches, vast expanses of tropical flora and fauna in the rainforests of the interior, cosmopolitan shopping, dining and nightlife in the north, ample opportunities for golf, diving, hiking, kayaking, sailing and of course the Pitons – twin volcanic peaks designated as a World Heritage Site and described by Oprah Winfrey as a ‘must-see’ during your lifetime!

Quick Facts

Size: 620 square kilometres

Population: 175,000

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (although the US Dollar is widely used)

Language: English is the official language, and a local Creole is also widely spoken

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